About Me

My name is Damian, and I would love to share my passion for homemade tinctures with you!

Damian from PolishTinctures
Tincture tasting that I organized in Kraków

My adventure with homemade alcohol began when I was a teenager. I observed my grandparents making tinctures at home, and I wanted to see what I could do by myself. My first concoction was not perfect, but sharing my efforts with friends gave me a sense of satisfaction that motivated me to keep trying and to continue exploring the rich traditions of homemade tinctures.

different tastes in airtight jars
My newest tinctures in airtight jars – including pistachios, coconut, cherry, banana and many more

While searching for knowledge about alcoholic beverages that have been a part of Polish history for centuries, I gathered and read dozens of books—both old books and new books—that are filled with stories and recipes of various flavorful, alcohol-based drinks that a non-professional can make at home. Now, I would like to invite you to try to make some of these traditional Polish tinctures – teach you how to create them yourself in the comfort of your own kitchen.

I also organise tincture tasting in Kraków.

degustation in Kraków for tinctures
Tincture tasting in center of Kraków with me

What can you taste?
Tincture (in polish “nalewka”) is an aged liqueur/cordial, made with fruits, sugar, honey, herbs or flowers and spices, macerated in vodka or rectified spirits.

Nalewka is a traditional polish alcohol, in older times, many different types were stored in cellars to welcome guests with a small glass of homemade tincture. Many tinctures were considered to have medicinal properties.

tincture degustation different flavours
10 different traditional tinctures for tasting

Another tradition cultivated by some families was to create and bottle nalewka on the occasion of a child’s baptism and then open the bottle at the child’s wedding.

We taste up to 10 different, traditional Polish tinctures, made from fruits and flowers, like:

• chokeberry,
• black lilac,
• hawthorn,
• blackberry,
• quince,
• cherry,
• cranberry,
• black currant,
• raspberry,
• blackthorn.

tincture degustation tasting
Tincture tasting in Kraków

Bonus – “DIY” tips and recipes
My Guests will also learn how to make some of those tinctures in their own home – they don’t even have to remember all of the steps because they will get the recipes that I have written especially for my Guests on this topic.

Check out my blog for newest recipes that I’m adding each week – here you will find an updated list of all tinctures.

And best regards from Kraków