Horsetail tincture beneficial effects and recipes

Horsetail tincture strengthens the hair, improves the condition of nails, prevents bleeding and makes the walls of blood vessels more flexible.

Basic horsetail tincture recipe includes 1 glass of horsetail, 1/3 glass of sugar and 4 glasses of vodka. Put fresh horsetail in an airtight jar and pour vodka in. Then add sugar and set aside for 2 weeks in a warm place. After that time filter through gauze and pour into bottles. Close the bottles and wait 3 months. Store your horsetail tincture in a dark place. Then you can consume it in small amounts.

Horsetail tincture
Horsetail plant for tincture

Do you want to know more about horsetail tincture? Keep reading 🙂 I will cover uses, benefits, dosage, contraindications and at the end of article you can also find a list of equipment that might be useful when you will be making a horsetail tincture by yourself.

Where to buy horsetail for tincture?

If you are not using fresh herb you can find dried horsetail on Amazon here – 100% Pure and Organic Biokoma Horsetail Dried Leaves Natural Herbal Tea in Resealable Pack Moisture Proof Pouch 50g USDA Certified Organic.

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Horsetail tincture uses

  • Horsetail tincture can be used for:
  • “fluid retention” (edema), 
  • kidney and bladder stones, 
  • urinary tract infections, 
  • the inability to control urination (incontinence), 
  • and general disturbances of the kidney and bladder.

Horsetail tincture benefits

The herb and tincture made from it with its content have many medicinal indications:

  • supplement the deficiency of micronutrients,
  • has a positive effect on the condition of connective tissue and bones,
  • supports the work of the liver, detoxifies,
  • helps with neuralgia and arthritic pain,
  • prevents atherosclerosis,
  • lowers blood pressure,
  • perfect for skin, hair and nail care,
  • reduces foot sweating,
  • helps to stop bleeding – therefore recommended for heavy menstruation, anal varices, colon ulcers, gastric and duodenal ulcers,
  • supportive in diseases of the kidneys and urinary system

Horsetail tincture dosage

It should be drunk (without filtering) twice a day, 15 drops of the tincture in a glass of water or with nettle infusion.

Horsetail tincture for hair growth

Horsetail tincture can also improve circulation, leading to the improvement of hair follicles and to help stimulate hair growth. With these improvements comes the ability for hair follicles to produce new hair. Because of its silica content, horsetail is also useful when trying to stimulate hair growth.

What type of alcohol is used for horsetail tincture?

Most spirits used for drinking will work, but vodka or other grain alcohols that are at least 40% alcohol by volume work best. When using dried horsetail, your best bet is to stick to an 80 or 90-proof alcohol, as they don’t have a lot of juices left, and it is best for extracting any water that’s left in the herbs out of them.

How long does horsetail tincture last?

When stored in a cool, dry place, horsetail tincture lasts at least three years, if not longer. If you use dark bottles, they will last longer because the light will not damage them. If your area is humid or hot several months out of the year, try storing them in the refrigerator during the hot and humid season, so they last longer.

Recommened edequipment – what you may need to have to make such tincture at home

I hope that you have found my article useful. Below I’ve gathered all items that I am using when making my tinctures, some of them, like airtight jars, are necessary, some are just handy, you do not need to have them all to be able to make a good tincture.  

recommended tincture equipment
Tincture equipment examples
  1. Airtight jars.
  2. Mortar for herbs – granite.
  3. Mortar for herbs – stainless steel.
  4. Funnels for filling bottles.
  5. Large bottles, dark glass.
  6. Medium bottles, dark glass.
  7. Small bottles with dropper, dark glass.
  8. Cloth for tincture filtering.
  9. Coffee filters for tincture filtering.
  10. Alcohol meter to check how strong is your vodka/spirit.
  11. Tincture press for better extraction.

    Here you can also find a more detailed post with list of equipment that might be useful.

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Other names of horsetail

If you would like to check more info about the horsetail flower here you can find article about it

It is also known under such names: Asprêle, Bottle Brush, Cavalinha, Coda Cavallina, Cola de Caballo, Common Horsetail, Corn Horsetail, Dutch Rushes, Equiseti Herba, Equisetum, Equisetum arvense, Equisetum giganteum, Equisetum myriochaetum, Equisetum hyemale, Equisetum telmateia, Field Horsetail, Giant Horsetail, Great Horsetail, Herba Equiseti, Herbe à Récurer, Horse Herb, Horsetail Grass, Horsetail Rush, Horse Willow, Paddock-Pipes, Pewterwort, Prele, Prêle, Prêle Commune, Prêle des Champs, Puzzlegrass, Scouring Rush, Souring Rush, Shave Grass, Shavegrass, Snake Grass, Spring Horsetail, Toadpipe.

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