Tincture tasting in Kraków

What will you get during our two-hour tasting meeting in the center of Kraków?

What can you taste?
Tincture (in polish “nalewka”) is an aged liqueur/cordial, made with fruits, sugar, honey, herbs or flowers and spices, macerated in vodka or rectified spirits.

Nalewka is a traditional polish alcohol, in older times, many different types were stored in cellars to welcome guests with a small glass of homemade tincture. Many tinctures were considered to have medicinal properties. Another tradition cultivated by some families was to create and bottle Nalewka on the occasion of a child’s baptism and then open the bottle at the child’s wedding.

Our degustation offer:
We will meet in the Kazimierz district, in a climatic pub, for a 2-hour degustation.

You will taste up to 10 different, traditional Polish tinctures, made from fruits and flowers, like:
• chokeberry,
• black lilac,
• hawthorn,
• blackberry,
• quince,
• cherry,
• cranberry,
• black currant,
• raspberry,
• blackthorn.

Only certified products
All tinctures are produced by certified, regional manufacturers who have been making them for the last 15 years – we will taste only products made legally with certified spirits.

Bonus – “DIY” tips and recipes
You will also learn how to make some of those tinctures in your own home – and you won’t even have to remember all of the steps because you will get the recipes that I have written especially for my Guests on this topic.

The offer includes tea, coffee, water, juice, and snacks during the degustation.

You’ll get to know the history of Polish tinctures and their place in our culture
You’ll be able to taste 10 different varieties of tincture-style liqueurs
You’ll receive printed materials about taste-tested tinctures
You’ll be given unique recipes so you can prepare Polish tinctures at home

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